Capcom Confirms Two New Street Fighter 6 Characters After Accidental Leaks

The Street Fighter 6 roster is gradually being revealed, with Kimberly and Juri as the latest entries. These new characters were first showcased in a leaked post on Capcom’s German Twitter account, and the company officially confirmed them shortly after.

Information for Street Fighter 6 is trickling out – an entry that is sure to be a hit among the fighting game community. And to promote the game, Capcom even started hands-on previews at Evo 2022, the world’s largest fighting game tournament.

But after a minor mess with their social media team, where Capcom Germany accidentally leaked the characters, Capcom officially confirmed two more characters: Kimberly and Juri.

Capcom wasn’t that subtle in the lead up to the reveal, as he downright portrayed the character in a huge bulletin in the Street Fighter 6 trailer.

Kimberly’s moves are teased in the video above, with a striking resemblance to Guy’s fighting style. She even has his signature aerial spin kick, but also has her own unique hip-hop charm.

Kimberly Street Fighter 6


Kimberly joins Street Fighter 6 Roster.

As for Juri, she’s included in the reveal. Again, Juri doesn’t come as much of a surprise to the community for Street Fighter 6. She’s been popular since her debut, but has come a long way since her quest for revenge in Street Fighter 5.


Juri returns to the Street Fighter 6 roster

Capcom’s German Twitter account accidentally leaked the characters hours before the official trailer. But Kimberly and Juri have both been made official for Street Fighter 6. Be sure to refresh the rest of the announced roster here.

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