Car accident victim found with iPhone Find my network

The iPhone’s Find My feature helped locate and rescue a car accident victim.


A woman in San Bernardino, California, was in a car accident after a Christmas gathering, in which her vehicle fell 200 feet on a hill. Because she didn’t have an iPhone 14, the woman’s iPhone didn’t activate emergency assistance. However, the family noticed she didn’t come home and didn’t respond – they used Find My to try and track her down.

After a search, the device was found on a highway, where they had to call the emergency services. The San Bernardino County Fire Department received the emergency call and eventually found the woman critically injured.

Paramedics and firefighters then rescued the woman and used advanced life support and took her to a hospital. It was lucky that the woman had enabled her location sharing feature during that time. If not, the rescue would have been very difficult.

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