Car thieves foiled by AirPods, Find My Network

A Texas man used his AirPods and Find My network to track down and arrest thieves who stole his car.


Dawayne Arrington awoke to find his car gone and his van broken into. The Texas resident then remembered having his AirPods in the vehicle and promptly opened the device’s Find My tracking feature. He then discovered his car parked on Interstate 35.

Arrington investigated and found five people. He called the police for help. While waiting, the car thieves woke up and ran away. The victim remembered tackling an offender as he reached for his gun. The San Antonio Police Department showed up and apprehended four suspects who were traveling on foot. The fifth suspect drove off in the victim’s car, which was later found via the Find My network.

San Antonio police were able to recover several other vehicles that had been stolen on the same night.

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