CDL pro FaZe Arcitys ruthlessly roasts CoD hacker after unmasking them in Vanguard

A blatant cheater found his way into one of FaZe clan Arcity’s CDL CoD Vanguard games and reveled in the nature of their hacks, which they showed on camera. Alec promptly went into the hacker.

Hackers and stoves have become so commonplace in Call of Duty that it’s rare for anyone to turn a blind eye. Even the #2 ranked Vanguard player in the world uses cheats too.

It was too much for FaZe member Alec AKA Arcitys who had one in his game Vanguard. Not only that, but the hacker was very vocal about their cheats and happily showed them to their viewers.

CoD Vanguard hacker frustrates Arcitys

It’s now become way too easy to get your hands on cheats and the streamer in question, who we won’t name, briefly showed the people watching his stream his box of cheats on camera.

“Look at this shit, look at this s**t bro. No, I did it on purpose. Look, look, look,” the hacker says as they try to make people fully aware of his cheats and what his intentions are.

He blatantly reveals his cheats box, clearly indicating that it can provide the player with visual clues as to the whereabouts of the opposing team.

At the end of the game, FaZe Arcitys was clearly very unhappy with the hacker and decided to rip into the player.

“Shut up, yo, drop your damn balls and talk to me, bitch. Listen to you, shut up. Listen, you’re hacking, brother, shut up.”

The whole scenario clearly frustrated the FaZe, who was understandably upset given that these cheats were used in an actual CDL match.

Despite the presence of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system, it seems that hackers are constantly finding new ways to develop their methods to bypass Activision’s security system.

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