CES 2023: Cooler Master goes all out with new covers

A PC case is often the most visible representation of your entire setup, so it makes sense that you spend a lot of time choosing the case that best fits not only your hardware needs, but also your aesthetic needs. Cooler Master has taken this to heart and showed off some fantastic new cases in their CMODX lineup at CES 2023.

sneaker x

Designed with a real sneaker in mind, the Sneaker X packs all your components into a shoe-shaped case. If you’re a sneaker fanatic this might be the case for you, and if PC building isn’t your forte, Cooler Master will not only sell the case as is, but will also include mainstream and high-end pre-built gear inside . Hardware support includes mITX motherboards, support for a radiator up to 360mm and an SFX power supply. Although the case itself will be available for $700, with the pre-built parts depending on the internal hardware. Also coming to the Sneaker X is support for NVIDIA 40 series GPUs.

Shark X

Probably the most extreme of the cases we saw at Cooler Master’s CES 2023 exhibit, the Shark X brings a bit of the ocean to your PC. Designed like a segmented shark, the Shark X will initially be available as a standalone case for $1,299, though full systems will be available at an estimated price of $2,999 and $5,999 in the future. This is a case that is frankly more of a work of art or talking point than a PC case, and it’s one that simply needs to be seen to gauge the scale and impact this case can have on your environment. The case itself will be available in the second quarter, although we don’t yet have timing for full system options.

Refrigeration X (code name)

Taking liquid cooling to a new level, the Cooling X is a fully liquid-cooled PC that integrates the side panels of the case into the cooling loop. This passive cooling solution nearly eliminates system noise by using the side panels to dissipate heat from the system, as each side of the case contributes to cooling the CPU and GPU.

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