CES 2023: Cooler Master sat us down in their new Immersive Haptic Feedback seats

It’s always nice to get away from it all at CES 2023, and Cooler Master had just the products to help with that. Everything from racing platforms to massage chairs was on display, and we wanted to share our thoughts on a few of them.

Dyn X race rig

The first chair we looked at isn’t so much a real chair as it is more of an ecosystem for racing game enthusiasts. This frame is not designed for standard seating use, but for a full racing simulator experience. By adding your own steering wheel and pedal combo, or even flying peripherals, you can customize the Dyn X to your liking and then experience a more immersive experience depending on the haptics of the components you’re using. The seat in the Dyn X is also available separately and a wraparound monitor stand is also available. Cooler Master had three screens in their demo and racing around the track in an F1 car was a pretty awesome experience. We don’t have pricing yet, but we expect the Dyn X to be available by the end of this quarter.

Synk X

The Synk X is another immersive haptic chair that is functional across multiple platforms. During our demo of the chair, we watched the Top Gun: Maverick trailer on a tablet connected to the chair, while also having a Cooler Master headset for audio. As soon as the action started, the chair came to life, with rumbles and jerks more intense than you’d expect from the chair just by looking at it. A folding leg rest can be tucked away under the seat, but is there for you if you want to kick back for a longer gaming or entertainment session. The Synk X is available now for $1,299.

Movement 1

Cooler Master has teamed up with D-Box for this seat, bringing a list of curated entertainment to a seat near you. Through this partnership, you can enjoy compatible games, movies and music with an emphasis on haptic feedback designed to take your entertainment regiment to the next level. There are currently 120 games that have D-Box support, which is why the Motion 1 has support for these titles as well. In addition, a large list of movies and music is available, and all this content is added regularly. If your specific entertainment title is not currently optimized for this use case, the Motion 1 will use the audio signal to provide feedback. The Motion 1, available early in Q2, will cost $2,299.

Hybrid M

An addition to the range of new seating options on display at CES 2023 is the Hybrid M. The Hybrid M adds a back massage function to your seat, which can be controlled not only with an armrest-mounted control, but also with an app. And the Hybrid M doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time to provide that relaxing massage, as it has a 15,000 mAh battery built in. The included power adapter doubles as a laptop charger, adding a little extra value to the purchase. Available early in the third quarter, the Hybrid M will cost $799.

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