CES 2023: CyberPowerPC breaks through with custom keyboards and adaptive case design

It’s always good to catch up with our friends at CyberPowerPC, and this year they were excited to show off some of their latest designs in the case and pre-built arenas, as well as their upcoming line of custom keyboards.

Kinetic 360V intelligent airflow housing

Available as an option when building a PC from CyberPowerPC, the Kinetic 360V Intelligent Airflow Enclosure features a dynamic front panel design that opens and closes via tiny servos and connected panels depending on system temperature. These adjustments are based on PWM data from a motherboard header and the power is supplied over a SATA connection. This design is really pretty cool and adds some flair to the front of your PC, which is usually a pretty boring area.

CK60 mechanical keyboard

The upcoming CK60 mechanical keyboard, sold as a standalone unit, is one of the sturdiest keyboards we’ve ever laid our hands on. Designed by the folks at CyberPowerPC, the sturdy metal base supports either a CyberPowerPC board or your own board, should they choose to release it as a barebones kit.

CyberPower allows you to customize this keyboard just like you can customize your PC build on their website. You can choose the chassis, circuit board, damping material, top plate, switches and keycaps. Nine types of switches will be available in the online configurator, along with multiple keycap designs. An optional pilot cable with USB-C connectivity will also be available soon.

Once you configure your keyboard online, CyberPower will build and ship it for you! This is great for someone who might not want to start building their own keyboard, but really want to customize and select each part. The price will be in the $220-250 range.

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