CES 2023: Lenovo shows off Dual-Screen Yoga Book 9i

Our friends at Lenovo were happy to show us their new Yoga Book 9i, a dual screen laptop at CES 2023. This laptop screams for productivity and looks like the perfect way to use two screens in a laptop!

Yoga book 9i

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

To say the Yoga Book 9i is cool would be an understatement. With dual 13.3-inch 2.8K displays making up the traditional screen area, as well as the traditional laptop keyboard/case, the 9i has plenty of screen real estate for your multitasking needs. This laptop can be configured in a number of ways, such as using the two displays in a standard laptop layout, on its side to have side-by-side portrait displays, or stacked with the included keyboard for typing.

Multiple software improvements have been made to make using both screens as intuitive as possible, including the ability to “throw” a window from one screen to another, as well as adjusting the screen display based on whether or not it is present are of a physical keyboard, and where it is placed.

The 9i package, expected in April, will cost about $2,000 for the laptop, keyboard, stand, and pen.

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