CES 2023: Phanteks shows off NV7 and new fans

Phanteks was back at CES 2023 with a great new case (NV7), as well as a new fan with the aim of clearing up the clutter of cables.

NV7 case

In keeping with the new trend of “aquarium” style cases, Phanteks has announced the NV7, a new tower case with an unobstructed view of the hardware inside the case. This view is made possible by removing all the material of the case frame from the front left corner, leaving only the front and side windows to form the corner of the case.

With multiple fan mounting options on the bottom, side, and top, as well as dual 120mm fan support on the back of the case, there’s plenty of cooling capacity in this case. Surrounding the motherboard tray area are two panels of ARGB lighting bars that can be adjusted to fit around your chosen components.

With an included dual-zone RGB controller, you can run multiple lighting effects at the same time. The back of the case is pretty bare, thanks to a hinged door that hides all of your system’s component connections to the motherboard and GPU, making for a very clean look.

Available towards the end of February, the NV7 will be available in both black and white color schemes for $219.

D30-120 fans

Based on their existing T30 fans, the new D30-120 fans feature a clip and lock system that allows up to four fans to be connected in a single group, and with a single cable for connectivity. With D-RGB lighting, these 30mm thick fans will be available in black and white models, as well as standard and inverted blade configurations.

These fans are available in a single package for $29.99 and a triple package for $85. Included with the fans are the connecting clips and dummy clips for each side of the fan, as well as cover panels with screws, which enhance the installed appearance of the fans. really clean.

Shift XT high-resolution display

We’ve seen mods of the Shift XT case with a small LCD screen instead of the infinity mirror on the front, but now Phanteks has made an official display to make installation easier.

With a diagonal of 5 inches, the IPS screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which should provide enough pixel density to use it as a custom high-resolution display to show your cat memes or system stats to all onlookers.

This screen will be available in April for $129.99.

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