Cherry MX 10.0N RGB Keyboard Review

Ever since reviewing my first low-profile keyboard a few years ago, I’ve been using it as my everyday driver keyboard at work and love it. When Cherry approached us with an offer of its own low-profile keyboard, I was quick to take up the offer. While Cherry is best known for their mechanical keyboard switches, Cherry actually offers their own keyboards. The MX 10.0N RGB is a full-size, 108 keyboard, with, as you’d expect, Cherry MX low-profile switches. Follow along as we check out this new keyboard from Cherry to see if its low-profile size is still my favorite for everyday typing tasks.

Special thanks to Cherry for providing the MX 10.0N RGB review sample!


Weight: 854g
Dimensions: 425mm x 127mm x 16mm
Anti-ghosting: N Rollover button
Backlit Adjustment: Yes
Cable length: 1.6 m
Detachable cable: Yes
Interchangeable Keycaps: Yes
Keycap Labels: Laser
Switch Type: Mechanical, Cherry MX low profile RGB speed
Switch travel: 3.2mm
Switch operating force: 45cN
Switch Life: 100 million operations
materials: Aluminium, Plastic (ABS)
Number of keys: 108
Programmable: Yes (with software)


The retail packaging for the MX 10.0N RGB is as subtle, as it should be, given how thin the keyboard is on the inside. A white box encases the keyboard and the top of the box contains a large image of the keyboard, along with a few highlights related to the Cherry MX low switches and Cherry’s optional software.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB

In the back are lists of features, content, and requirements in multiple languages, so buyers get all the relevant information they need before making a purchase.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB

With the box open, we see that the keyboard is protected by an internal cardboard structure and plastic packaging. There’s nothing too flashy about the packaging Cherry uses here, but the overall execution is good and protects the contents well.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB


Included with the keyboard is a warranty information sheet and user manual, as well as a 1.6m USB-C cable. The cable has a small Cherry logo on the Type-A side and while we would have liked a nice braided cable, the rubber cable that comes with the keyboard works just fine.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB

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