Chinese engineers reported having US TikTok data access

TikTok users in the US may have data that is easily accessible to Chinese personnel.


A Buzzfeed report revealed audio leaks from more than 80 internal meetings, with 14 statements showing that Chinese app engineers had access to the data between September 2021 and January 2022.

These allegations have come to light despite testimony from a TikTok executive who says they deployed a US-based security team to monitor the data flow.

In some recordings, US employees spoke to their Chinese colleagues and were not sure how to access the data or were not given permission. Others state that there is a China-based engineer who can ‘see everything’ and references about a ‘Master Admin’.

Maureen Shanahan, Tiktok’s spokesperson, said the app and company are under the most scrutiny in terms of security, but they’ve hired experts and continue to validate security standards, as well as engage independent third-party companies to “test the company’s defenses.” ‘.

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