Clan Elysium Wins Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Race: Final Results

Seven years away from its debut in The Taken King, one of Bungie’s most ambitious endgame activities, the King’s Fall Raid, is finally back in Destiny 2. The teams kicked off an intense Raid Race and set out to be the first to make history with this new iteration and in the end it was Clan Elysium that once again proved dominant.

When The Taken King came into the picture early in Destiny’s lifespan, the pivotal expansion helped the then-struggling shooter change course for the most part. With a massive Dreadnaught full of secrets, dozens of new weapons and items to claim, along with all-new challenges, it was a momentous period for Guardians around the world.

The headliner was Bungie’s most ambitious Raid to date and arguably the most demanding to date: King’s Fall. Now, seven years after its arrival, the popular Raid has returned in Season 18 of Destiny 2, similar to how Vault of Glass reappeared in 2021.

As always, a new or returning Raid meant one more race was in order. From who took the win to an overview of the key details of the match mode, here’s everything there is to know about the Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Race.

Clan Elysium storms through King’s Fall Raid for another world first

It was again none other than Clan Elysium that dominated the King’s Fall Raid Race. The team of Cruz, Kyros, VileFate, Moople, Quazz and Saltagreppo, which set the three world first records in a row, were the first to conquer King’s Fall in Destiny 2.

They blasted through both the first heist and the subsequent Challenge Mode that ran for other teams around the world.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Race: Contest Mode & Power Level Cap

As always with Raid activities in Destiny 2, the first 24 hours came with a special match mode modifier. During this first window, each encounter was tuned to a specific power level. Guards were capped to keep things in balance across the board.

For the King’s Fall Raid Race, players had to reach Power level 1560 to participate, and no further bonuses were applied beyond that target. Even if players cruised past to the 1580 season limit, they wouldn’t be stronger than 1560 Power.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Race: Rules

Since King’s Fall was active again, the Raid Race functioned a little differently than usual. Instead of simply racing through familiar encounters from seven years ago with no new challenges, players had to complete a few new tasks throughout the day.

First Fireteams were required to: complete the King’s Fall Raid with match mode active. Than a second full run had to be completed in Challenge Mode, although in this case a string of Triumphs also had to be checked off. The first team to complete both the regular Raid and Challenge Mode variants was crowned the winner.

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