Clefairy and Clefable revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date

Clefairy and Clefable were recently teased for Pokemon Unite. While there isn’t much information available about them right now, there are a few leaks about it: here’s everything we know about the upcoming Pokemon Unite character.

The recent spate of entries in Pokemon Unite are from the early Pokemon generations – with Clefairy and Clefable being no exception. They are known to be a more supportive type and will most likely play as a support in Unite as well.

Unlike Scizor and Scyther, Clefairy evolves into Clefable using the conventional level-up mechanism found in the game. Therefore, players will not be able to choose between the two, and Clefable is undeniably stronger than Clefairy.

Recent data mining and leaks revealed the new Pokemon stats and the official release date was announced by TiMi Studios. Here’s everything currently known about Clefairy and Clefable in Pokemon Unite.

Clefairy & Clefable release date for Pokemon Unite

Clefairy and Clefable are released in Pokemon Unite on October 13, 2022. This would be after the release of Scizor and Scyther, continuing the steam train of releases to round out the year in the MOBA.

Clefairy & Clefable stats in Pokemon Unite

Stats for Clefairy and Clefable in Pokemon Unite are already datamined, thanks to ElChicoEevee. They lack the basic stats and can be changed because they were discovered in the data eons ago. Therefore, as with any leak, take things with a grain of salt.

The stats show a huge jump from level 3 to 4, most likely indicating an evolution from Clefairy to Clefable. It also appears to perform a special attack, similar to Blissey – so expect Clefable’s builds to mirror Blissey’s.

Clefairy & Clefable moves in Pokemon Unite

As of now, there is no full move set for Clefairy and Clefable in Pokemon Unite. The only real sign of the moves shown so far is in the video trailer, where it appears to have support-focused moves in addition to a clap move.

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