CoD Mobile Developers Confirm Classic Map Is Coming Soon, Despite Criticism Of Recent Additions

CoD Mobile’s latest seasonal updates mainly feature maps from a handful of the most recent titles such as Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops Cold War. After being criticized for this output, developers have since responded, confirming that at least one classic card has been locked for big returns.

Each month that passes in CoD Mobile, new seasonal updates are guaranteed to bring a wealth of new content to the handheld experience. From game modes to weapons and of course new maps, there’s always plenty on the horizon.

While the title launched with an assortment of maps from the series’ most popular games, many of the seasonal updates since then have included content from CoD’s most recent entries. In 2022 alone, we’ve seen six new maps in CoD Mobile, most of them coming from MW 2019, BOCW, and Black Ops 4.

Frustrated by this recent output and begging for more classics to return, fans took to Reddit and managed to grab the attention of developers who quickly allayed these concerns.

CoD Mobile Gameplay

The first year of CoD Mobile featured a wide variety of great all-time cards from the series.

“Stop adding BO4, MW 2019 and Cold War crazy cards”, a very excited player said on Reddit† They offered some alternatives and instead asked to see maps from the original Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and even Vanguard, just for a different environment.

The official CoD Mobile Reddit account immediately addressed the criticism and offered some news in response.

“We can confirm that an older map is coming relatively soon,” the developers announced. “It comes from a CoD title that is currently over 10 years old. We will definitely share more as we get closer to that season.”

While this obviously throws a wide net, it does mean fans can expect a map of Modern Warfare 3 or earlier. Considering that the last truly classic card CoD Mobile received was Vacant in Season 10 six months ago, this is certainly a welcome change of pace.

For now, anyone can guess which classic CoD card could make its return. There’s always no guarantee when we’ll see this old layout back in the spotlight.

Of CoD Mobile Season 5 just around the corner, it seems like a safe bet that fans will wait until July at the earliest to hear more about this legacy.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated here with further details as we get closer to the next big content drops in CoD Mobile.

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