CoD Mobile Season 1 2023: release date, new weapons and perks, everything we know

Published: 2023-01-02T03:31:08

Updated: 2023-01-02T03:31:26

CoD Mobile is turning back the clock to kick off the new year with a fresh Season 1 reboot, as usual. Start the year off with a bang, here’s everything we know about the Season 1 2023 update.

Not unlike previous years, CoD Mobile is renewing its seasonal rollout in 2023. Instead of moving on to a twelfth season, we find ourselves heading back towards Season 1 as the cycle begins again.

Following on from the final season of the 2022 era, a fresh start is now on the horizon as Season 1 approaches 2023. And as you’d expect, it’s packed with a wide variety of content that fans have come to enjoy.

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From new maps and gear to possible features just around the corner, here’s everything we know about the Season 1 2023 update coming soon to CoD Mobile.


  • Publication date
  • New weapons and equipment
CoD Mobile Season 11 snoop dogg skinActivity

CoD Mobile Season 11 begins to wind down as fans look forward to the first release of 2023.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2023: Release date

While no official release date has been confirmed yet, we already have a goal in mind thanks to the current Battle Pass countdown. Since this season’s season pass ends on Thursday, January 14we can safely expect season 1 to continue at the same time.

But as always, unforeseen delays can always halt those plans, so we’ll keep you posted here once an exact date is set.

New weapons and gear arrives in Season 1 2023

As for new content this season, nothing has been formally announced for the Season 1 update yet, but we already have a good idea of ​​what to expect thanks to the latest Test Server build. Every few months we get a new update on the CoD Mobile Test Server as developers want to experiment with new items and features before rolling them out to the full game. This is where we often get a first look at the content just weeks after release.

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Among the pack in the most recent build was a new weapon, perk, scorestreak, and some new tactical gear to boot. While it’s worth taking them all with a grain of salt, as none are guaranteed to arrive in Season 1, we can safely assume that at least some of these new additions will debut soon.

The new weapon was none other than the Dingo LMG, a powerful futuristic weapon first seen in Black Ops 3. This weapon can deal a lot of damage with a sharp aim, but compromises with poor mobility.

CoD Mobile Dingo LMGYouTube: AnonymousYT

Black Ops 3’s Dingo LMG looks set to make the jump to CoD Mobile.

When it comes to the new Perk, Unit Support was revealed during the last test build. It reads: “Players receive 20% of the Operator Skill charge earned from each teammate’s kill; meanwhile, self-charging will bring a reduction of 60%. Player receives 4% of Scorestreak charge obtained from teammates; this bonus is increased to 10% while capturing the hard point.

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Modern Warfare 2019’s Wheelson looks set to arrive in CoD Mobile soon, as this 750 cost score streak was also spotted in the latest test release. And finally comes the Stim Shot, also from Modern Warfare, a device that drastically increases health recovery and movement speed for a short period of time.

CoD Mobile Stim ShotYouTube: AnonymousYT

The popular Stim Shot has been spotted in the test version of CoD Mobile.

However, as we mentioned above, it’s worth taking all these new additions with a grain of salt for now. While a handful may very well launch in Season 1, some may be delayed for future updates. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated here as more details emerge.

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