CoD Vanguard Season 4 Roadmap: New Maps, Shi No Numa & Gun Game Return

“A knife with a T-shaped handle that provides more pushing power. Easy to hide and deadly in CQC.”

Built for speed and stealth, this new melee tool is a great addition to gear where close quarters combat and silent takedowns are critical to mission success.

Operators can unlock it through a bundle made available during Season Four, or by completing one of two challenges:

In Multiplayer, you get 15 Melee Kills with a primary weapon 15 times in a single match. (Hint: use the bayonet mount on a primary weapon for a better lunge, or the Fast Melee Perk for faster maneuvers)

In Zombies, you can get 100 kills with a Melee weapon while wearing your Aether Shroud. (Hint: The new Shi No Numa experience, with interiors that can often trap you with the undead, can be a great way to commit murder).

Vargo-S (in season)

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