Consumer DRAM prices projected to fall by 18% in Q3 2022

TrendForce recently warned of the growing supply of PC hardware in the market, which has led to a decline in consumer interest to buy and led to price cuts. This is especially true of DRAM, which has shown us the living example of oversupply with its price. Looking at the trend of DRAM manufacturers engaging in low-cost offerings, TrendForce has forecast that prices of DRAM purchases will fall by 13 to 18 percent in the third quarter and another 3 to 8 percent in the fourth quarter.

Exactly how costs for DDR4 and DDR5 will drop this quarter cannot be said at this stage. In the coming periods, however, it looks like these ICs will drop by as much as 10 percent. We’re yet to see exactly how this will affect the cost of the actual modules, as Intel and AMD are planning their DDR5-supported launches this fall.

When chips were not readily available, many PC and other manufacturers stockpiled memory to ensure a steady supply for their production. Instead of buying new DRAM shares from the market, manufacturers will now use those in their own stock.

Via Trendforce

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