Controversy over Steve Jobs Atari application at auction

A recent auction of rare memorabilia has ended, but there was a problem with one of the items, specifically the Steve Jobs Atari application.

RR Auctions held an auction featuring a variety of items ranging from signatures to computers, NFTs and magazines. The former Apple CEO’s application to Atari was supposed to be included, but has been removed due to doubts about its origin.

Experts suspect the application was not an Atari submission, but an application Jobs made in 1973, when he offered to repair the psychiatric ward equipment at Reed College.

RR Auctions said if this was the case, they could no longer tell if it was Jobs’ Atari application.

Among the memorabilia, a check signed by both Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold for $163,923, and a 20th anniversary Macintosh with an original box sold for $4,230. The biggest ticket was a prototype Atari Pong video game console that grossed $270,910.

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