Cooler Master Announces Purple “CryoFuze Violet” Thermal Paste

Cooler Master’s latest CryoFuze Violet Thermal Paste is made from a purple colored cooling grease that comes with next-level bonding for hardware components. The grease is based on a nanoparticle component that paves the way for excellent thermal conductivity and heat transfer.

Thanks to its non-corrosive and oxidation resistant formula, the paste fights against solidification and does not damage metal surfaces. The paste stabilizes from -50C and can withstand temperatures up to 240C. It has a rating of 12.6 W/mK, which means it is a high performance thermal compound. The fact that the paste comes in an injection makes it extremely convenient and ensures precise application to every part.

When it comes to thermal pastes, silver and gray have been quite the norm and so this purple paste comes as a pleasant surprise. It’s quite surprising to see a brightly colored paste from a major manufacturer like Cooler Master. There is no information on the price of the CryoFuze Violet thermal compound, but it will likely be available soon. Newegg has it listed for USD 30.99.

Via Overclock3D

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