Cooler Master is announcing several new peripherals for enthusiasts, collectors and streamers at CES 2023

CES2023 continues to be a whirlwind of new product announcements, upgrades and displays. Cooler Master has released a host of new peripherals for PC enthusiasts, collectors, streamers, and anyone who wants a strong set of hardware to connect to their computer.

Prestigious PC peripherals

Cooler Master MK770

The MK770, a 10-key wireless mechanical keyboard that has been named Cooler Master’s CES Highlight, is the first product on display. In addition, this board is Cooler Master’s first gasket-mounted board and offers “a cleaner sound profile and flexible typing experience.” The PBT double-shot keycaps, which come in a variety of colors to give your setup a unique look, and Kailh Box V2 switches are somewhat responsible for this as well.

Stream Lux

Then we shift into high gear with Stream Lux, Lucid, and Origins for streamers. Unlike Sr to Elgato’s selection of key lights, the Stream Lux is a full spectrum LED bulb. In any case, the Stream Lucid USB-C microphone has an integrated filter that minimizes pops and noise, so you don’t need light to be heard effectively with it. Finally, Stream Origins is a plug-and-play USB capture card with video capture quality up to 4K 60 fps HDR for game capture.

Audiological equipment with the SH711 and MH731
After that we have a few audiological products, including the SH711 and MH731. The first is a wireless headset with noise canceling technology and 40mm speakers for a high quality audio experience. The latter is a closed-back analog headset with a detachable microphone and 50mm speakers capable of producing “dynamic sound for optimal realism” and clarity.

The lineup of the Sakura edition

Finally, Cooler Master brings new designs to its existing products, most notably with the Sakura Edition Lineup. The Sakura Edition series consists of the CK721 keyboard, the MM712 mouse and the MP511 XL mouse pad. In addition, Cooler Master is celebrating its 30th year in business by releasing a 30th Anniversary colorway for the MK721 keyboard, MM721 mouse, and MP511 mouse pad.

As it turns out, Cooler Master isn’t your average peripherals and parts company; it really has a few tricks up its sleeve. Additionally, in October Cooler Master unveiled the Synk X, a battery-powered haptic gaming chair. With the Motion 1, an immersive gaming chair created by Cooler Master in collaboration with D-Box, a Canadian company specializing in haptic motion technology, we can now add another unique product to our list of haptic gadgets.

The motion 1

The Motion 1 is a special device with features such as a magnetic headrest and lumbar support. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details about this item. In any case, we will have to see how this product performs in the future, as we have experience with the Buttkicker haptics device, which gives haptics similar to this product.

Overall, Cooler Master will be unveiling some fantastic new products at CES2023; we eagerly await their final launch.

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