Corsair teases MP700 PCIe Gen5 x4 NVMe SSDs with read speeds of up to 10 GB/s

The Corsair ICUE Liquid coolers and DDR5 memory are now on sale, but we are still waiting for the PCIe Gen5 storage, which is not yet available to consumers. This is only until AMD launches its Ryzen 7000 CPU and its latest 600 series chipsets that will be compatible with the next generation of storage modules.

The Corsair website dedicated to AMD’s AM5 platform lists the upcoming MP700 series SSDs. A chart has been published on the website demonstrating the performance of each of the generations of MP SSDs, including the MP510 with PCIe Gen3 support, MP600 Pro XT compatible with Gen4 and the latest upcoming MP700 series. This will be PCIe Gen5 x4 compliant M.2 storage offering sequential read speeds of 10 GB/s and write speeds of 9.5 GB/s.

We have yet to see Corsair’s full product specs. Never mind the specs, we haven’t even seen the new SSDs in pictures yet. The price is also something we would like to know soon. Last year, months before the launch of Intel’s Alder Lake, there were a lot of offers for the DDR5 memory, but this time there seems to be no M.2 Gen5 storage in sight.

The company’s flagship MP600 XT Gen4 storage currently retails for $240 (2 TB version), meaning the MP700 Gen5 series is going to cost a lot more than this.

Via Corsair

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