Crazy GTA 5 Footage Shows NPC ‘Drunk Driver’ Causes Massive Accident

GTA 5 NPCs have shown bizarre AI before, but one fan was taken off the road almost completely out of nowhere by a random in-game “drunk driver.”

In a huge open world game like GTA 5 with tons of NPCs, there are definitely times when the AI ​​acts funny.

From dead NPCs coming back to kill players to teleporting law enforcement officers, GTA fans have experienced tons of strange AI behavior.

Now a fan minding his own business during an in-game mission was nearly knocked out by an NPC driver three lanes away.

GTA 5 NPC Causes Major Accident

The footage comes from fan_of_super_dudes on the GTAonline subreddit, who posted a video with the caption “NPCs are definitely not targeting us…”

The video shows the player in question in the midst of a heist for Lester Crest. The player simply drives along the highway without sudden swerve, no shooting and no erratic behavior.

Suddenly, an NPC driving into oncoming traffic passes the barrier, travels through two lanes and clamps down on the player’s car.

The impact of the NPC’s vehicle almost sends the GTA fan’s car down a rocky hill to the beach below, but luckily the player managed to stabilize the car in time.

This isn’t the first time reckless NPC drivers have caused problems for the GTA community, but players seem to have had enough at this point.

“This is perhaps the most annoying thing for me in this game. Every day I deal with MK2 cheaters about NPCs who intentionally mess up or grind my leisure cruises,” said user Adept_Cat_9135.

Another user -Gir challenged those who don’t believe NPCs have it for players, saying, “Find out this one naysayer, OP was in the furthest lane possible from the other drivers, no gunfire, nothing happened but a casual ride.”

While it’s not too common, GTA Online players apparently need to stay vigilant for wild NPCs when driving the streets of Los Santos.

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