Crazy NBA 2K23 Glitch Makes Players Look Like Elden Ring Bosses

NBA 2K23 launched on September 9, and PC players are already experiencing bugs that make the park look more like Elden Ring than 2K.

From software’s latest Souls-esque game, Elden Ring features plenty of unique bosses and enemies, ranging from creatures with worms for a face to rolling iron maidens with saws for hands.

At first glance, Elden Ring and NBA 2K 23 couldn’t be more different, but a bug in the Park seems to come straight from Limgrave. MyPark is a game mode where you play against other people with your MyPlayer.

MyPlayer offers full customization options for your 2K character. You can choose to make the player look just like you in real life or you can go on the other end of the spectrum and make them look more like aliens than humans.

2K games have a long and hilarious history of bugs on PC, and the latest instance transforms a player’s MyPlayer into Michael Jordan’s infamous stretch scene from Space Jam.

nba 2k23 goat boat neighborhood2K games

NBA 2K23 added park lanes on a boat.

NBA 2K 23 Players Destroy Absurd Park Glitch

Straight from Elden Ring, a screenshot from NBA 2K23 shows a player in a full bird costume and a player with long outstretched legs.

Players in the comments took turns taking pictures in the PC version of NBA 2K23.

One player replied, “Good to know PC is still a clown party lol.”

A second user added, “I’ve been hoping to play 2K on PC without cheats for a while, and they got it right away.”

NBA 2K23 version on PC and Epic Games is not next-gen. The game is similar to the PS4 and Xbox One editions and does not have the same features as next-gen versions. Players were shocked by the announcement.

A disgruntled PC player intervened, saying, “I bought a next-gen console last night for only 2k. I didn’t want to play on PC just because of the hackers and no next-gen gaming.”

Unfortunately, it looks like NBA 2K23 on PC still has a long way to go before it can compete with other versions.

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