Crypto’s “busted” Apex Mobile skills are making PC and console players jealous

Crypto’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile are significantly more powerful than its counterpart in the main game and it makes PC and console players jealous.

On August 23, Crypto was added to Apex Legends Mobile with the Hyperbeat update, but it’s safe to say that his kit is slightly different compared to PC and console.

Since Mobile has a completely separate meta, the developers had the freedom to redesign Surveillance Expert’s drone and provide additional features for the hacker.

While this was great news for the mobile community, many main game players have seen the changes and want Respawn to implement similar improvements in their version of the title.

Crypto Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Crypto arrived in Apex Mobile on August 23.

PC and Console Players Want Crypto’s Kit from Apex Mobile

While there are tons of powerful advantages that Crypto has available to him in Mobile, it is the changes to his core kit that attract the most attention.

On mobile, the hacker’s drone can track Crypto with the push of a button and automatically track nearby enemies for certain periods of time.

This means that Crypto can easily maneuver around the map, detect any opponents and then hunt them down for a kill.

As always, these mobile changes have sparked a discussion in the Apex community about whether these improvements in the main game would be too strong.

For some players, Crypto’s extremely low pick percentage in the main game is an indication that he needs an improvement, so it’s very frustrating for them to see Mobile making changes to his gear.

“Why are they giving good things to mobile but not the actual game… this would make Crypto so much better but it suffers at the bottom,” wrote one frustrated Twitter user.

Another refuted this argument by claiming that “this would be cut short in the main game… Being able to run around with Crypto and automatically scan everyone around, come on now.”

Anyway, since Mobile received so many exclusive features and changes, it would always lead to frustration of players on PC and console missing something.

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