Custom Intel Arc A770 and A750 Graphics from ASRock and Gunnir Revealed

A special moment for graphics enthusiasts: the release of custom designs built on the larger Intel ACM-G10 GPU. Yesterday, at the Innovation event, GUNNIR and ASRock unveiled at least four new cards. Intel has only listed Limited Edition A7 SKUs based on their design.

GUNNIR’s development of the A7 GPU was announced a long time ago, but the final form is only now being revealed. This three-fan design includes a 2.2-slot cooler with two 8-pin power connectors, which is an improvement over Intel’s 8+6-pin design. In addition, this card has a simple metal veil and a back plate with a full cover.

One of ASRock’s Arc A7 designs is associated with the Phantom Gaming series (A770) while the other is the Challenger (A750). Intel has hinted that board partners will have some leeway regarding the GPU (clocks/TGP) configurations they can implement. Even the name of one of the cards, “OC”, indicates that it will be faster than Intel’s Limited Edition. Both cards have dual 8-pin power connectors, which seems to be a “feature” of all non-reference premium designs with an Arc GPU.

However, none of the reports contain information about the availability of custom maps. Intel stated that the intention is to offer both the reference and custom designs at the same time. It’s possible that these plans have changed as the launch has been pushed back to the fourth quarter on October 12, to be exact.

Via Engadget

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