Daily Wordle Answers: Clues to Today’s Wordle Word (May 10)

If you’re having trouble figuring out what the Wordle word for today is, don’t worry – we’ve got some extremely helpful hints and clues that will help you guess the daily Wordle answer for May 10, even if you’re running out of guesses.

Since Wordle has become hugely popular, plenty of similar games like Fortle and Heardle have sprung up to give you a diverse experience. Despite all these other games coming out, the guessing game, which is owned by the New York Times, has remained the most popular of its category.

Wordle requires you to guess a five letter word in six attempts. While the goal, of course, is to guess the word of the day in as few tries as possible, for many of us it often comes down to last-ditch effort.

For this reason, we’ve added some hints and clues for the current Wordle word of the day, while also giving you all the past daily World answers if you scroll down a little further.


screenshot of wordle rules
New York Times

Remember these basic rules for Wordle.

Wordle hints for today’s answer (May 10)

Here are a few hints to help you guess the Wordle word for today:

  • The second and fifth letters are vowels.
  • No letters are repeated in the word.
  • The word starts with the letter G
  • It is a creature that belongs to the reptile family.

Try to guess the word before looking at the answer below.

We recommend checking the answer only before your sixth attempt, in case you’re desperate to keep your streak going.

Daily Wordle Answers

In case you couldn’t guess today’s Wordle answer, the word you’re looking for is Gecko

Don’t get frustrated if you haven’t been able to guess this one; tomorrow there is always a new Wordle waiting for you. We will also try to do better with our hints to help you in your gambling process.

screenshot of today's wordle answer
New York Times

Today’s Wordle answer is Gecko.

Previous Wordle Answers

Here are some of the daily Wordle answers from the past few weeks:

Date Become an answer
May 9, 2022 To shine
May 8, 2022 canny
May 7, 2022 middle
May 6, 2022 Insignia
May 5, 2022 Homer
May 4, 2022 Train
May 3, 2022 Hairy
May 2, 2022 Story
May 1, 2022 renounce
Apr 30, 2022 Larva
April 29, 2022 Waste
Apr 28, 2022 spicy
April 27, 2022 shown
Apr 26, 2022 Anywhere
Apr 25, 2022 Crooked
Apr 24, 2022 inert
Apr 23, 2022 Olive
Apr 22, 2022 Plant
Apr 21, 2022 Oxide
Apr 20, 2022 cargo
Apr 19, 2022 Lobby
Apr 18, 2022 Flair
April 17, 2022 Advanced
Apr 16, 2022 Cheek
Apr 15, 2022 Shame
Apr 14, 2022 Minced meat
Apr 13, 2022 chunk
Apr 12, 2022 Royal
Apr 11, 2022 team
Apr 10, 2022 black
Apr 9, 2022 stairs
Apr 8, 2022 To scare
Apr 7, 2022 raid
Apr 6, 2022 comma
Apr 5, 2022 Natal
Apr 4, 2022 Shawl
Apr 3, 2022 less
Apr 2, 2022 Trope
Apr 1, 2022 muzzle

The list above gives you a brief idea of ​​what five letter words are usually the word of the day.

These words are unlikely to repeat themselves in Wordle, so it’s definitely worth checking them out.

That’s all for today’s daily Wordle answer. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more clues, and if you want to try some more guessing games, check out our hub for games like Wordle.

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