DDR5 memory will soon be ready for a big price drop

Anyone who has bought or assembled a top-of-the-art PC with Alder Lake and in the future the Zen 4 should put up with the expensive DDR5 memory. However, this may soon change as the prices of DDR5 memory have started to fall since the Alder Lake was first launched. Once AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series launches, these prices could drop even further.

This was also the case with previous memory modules. As far as AMD’s Zen 4 architecture goes, they seem to be going all in. Intel apparently had a different approach to the DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules when it came to the Alder Lake CPUs. The price drop can largely be attributed to AMD’s decision, and DDR5 memory makers will soon be offering lower prices than the current ones.

We’ve all heard of AMD’s latest EXPO technology that enables single-click memory overclocking solutions, much like the XMP and AMP. The only drawback is that users must have a memory kit that supports this technology. It remains unclear whether these memory kits will be more expensive than the regular ones. Despite this, DDR5 memory prices continue to fall and this trend is set to continue into the next year as well.

Lexar ARES RGB DDR4-4000 16GB Memory Kit

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