Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion: Trailer, Story, Leaks & Everything We Know

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

Destiny 2: Lightfall is the next expansion of the game after The Witch Queen. Here’s everything we know.

In 2020, Destiny developer Bungie surprised us all by revealing not only Beyond Light, but also The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Although The Witch Queen was intended to be released in late 2021 and eventually launched in February 2022, it raised a lot of questions that we don’t have the answers to yet.

When it comes to Lightfall, things are shrouded in mystery. While the expansion was originally intended to be the end of the current Destiny saga, it now leads into Destiny 2: The Final Shape, yet another expansion revealed by Bungie.

Now, though, let’s take a look at everything we know about Lightfall as Bungie gears up to share more at a new reveal event.


Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris


Shall we discover Osiris’ fate before Lightfall?

Is there a release date for Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Lightfall was originally set to launch in 2022, with the previous Witch Queen arrives in 2021. However, with the latter being pushed to 2022, it seems unlikely that Bungie would drop two major expansions in one calendar year.

With that in mind, it looks like Lightfall will shift to 2023. With Witch Queen adding another quartet of season passes, it’s likely that players will have plenty to do in the meantime.

We’ll find out more soon, though, as Bungie has promised a reveal event for the future of Destiny 2 will be on the same day that Season 18 arrives – August 23.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Trailers

The only video we have of Lightfall is essentially just a teaser. You’ll find it at the 3:40 mark of the Past Is Prologue trailer released last year.

In it, we hear the Exo Stranger (Elsie Bray) say “a side should always be chosen, even if it’s the wrong side”.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Platforms

While Bungie hasn’t yet revealed any platforms that will receive Lightfall, you can expect it to be playable wherever you play Destiny 2 right now.

This includes the PlayStation 4 & 5, the Xbox One & Series X | S, along with PC and Google Stadia.

While Bungie was bought by Sony in January 2022, both parties have expressed interest in Destiny 2’s enduring multi-platform.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Storyline

Bungie had confirmed that the events of the end of the witch queen will push the story through Lightfall and beyond, and the core concept of the battle between light and darkness will settle down.

“The Witch Queen will light the fire on a highly interconnected story across Lightfall and beyond, unlike anything we’ve ever tried before, with characters, arcs, heroes and villains that will persist in multiple future releases.”

However, the expansion left many questions: Did the traveler protect Savathun? Who is the witness? Are we really the good ones in this fight? These are all things that are still unknown as we get closer to Season 18, but with a full reveal arriving the same day, we might not be in the dark for too long.

Destiny 2 Lightfall leaks and predictions

While we’ll have to wait for Lightfall’s full reveal (presumably sometime in 2022), it would be reasonable to expect a new location. For example, Witch Queen has added Savathun’s Throne World, while Beyond Light has added Europe.

in a In an interview with Dexerto, Bungie confirmed that Lightfall will feature a legendary campaign just like that of The Witch Queen.

In a tweet, the DestinyTwo Leaks account also noted that a Sparrow revamp, originally revealed in March, has been canceled because “Bungie couldn’t make it work”.

The feature would have seen Sparrows for two players, but appears to have been cut.

New subclass

As for a new subclass, it’s hard to say. While Beyond Light first lets Guardians use Stasis, there was no Darkness-based subclass in The Witch Queen. Bungie reworked instead Void in Season of the Risen, Solar in Season of the Haunted and will update Arc in Season 18.

Fans have long theorized that the new subclass type will offer a poison-based effect, as seen with Thorn and Osteo Striga, as well as Warlock’s exotic Necrotic Grip. It would have felt right at home in Savathun’s Throne World in Witch Queen, but it never got around to it.

With egregore ingesting the HELM in Season of the Haunted, there’s a good chance it will set the stage for a new damage element. We hope to hear more at the Lightfall reveal event.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest on The Lightfall expansion in Destiny 2 here.

The future of Destiny 2 after Lightfall

Bungie not only has committed to more Destiny content after Lightfall, but they even mentioned the next expansion.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is expected in 2024, but many details are not yet available. Bungie did reveal that The Witch Queen is a “moment of acceleration towards the end”, but what shakes that ending out is a guess – is it a new storyline, a la Marvel Cinematic Universe stages, or is it a version of Destiny 2 that lasts forever?

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