Developer succeeds in emulating iPhone OS

A developer named Martjin de Vos has successfully emulated the first iPhone operating system on a non-Apple device.


The developer announced the results in a blog post, saying that emulating hardware components was the hardest part. He said the first version was made for the iPod because the iPhone version requires additional components to be emulated. de Vos went on to say that he chose OS 1.0 because it had fewer security mechanisms compared to the more recent ones.

His work was made possible thanks to an open source bootloader implementation OpeniBoot. The discontinued project allowed users to change their first-generation iPod Touch and iPhone operating systems to Android.

The final project is emulated with QEMU and is functional, with a few bugs and glitches. Pre-installed apps work, but users can expect several system crashes here and there. de Vos says his next project is to emulate the second-generation iPod Touch.

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