Diablo Immortal Has Raised Over $100 Million in Just 2 Months

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

Diablo Immortal mobile is Blizzard’s free-to-play handheld version of the popular MMO. The game’s microtransactions have turned out to be a win for the company that made more than $100 million in two months.

A version of Diablo that you can play on the go sounds like an appealing concept to fans of the long-running role-playing MMO, and the evidence suggests it does.

Despite concerns about Diablo’s microtransactions and allegations that the game is pay-to-win, Diablo Immortal has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

After initial reports that the game was making $1 million a day, those claims have been quashed with evidence allegedly suggesting revenues far exceed initial projections.

Diablo Immortal Earns $100 Million For Blizzard Entertainment

It doesn’t seem to matter what issues or issues come into play, whether it be Battle Pass XP misbehaving or a delayed release in China, Diablo Immortal is proving to be very profitable.

According to Sensor Tower, a digital analytics platform focused on mobile data, Diablo Immortal has achieved: $100 million in revenue since launchand the release was so good that it got to that total faster than Fortnite on mobile.

In comparison, Pokemon Go took two weeks to reach $100 million, which is understandable given the franchise’s global appeal to all age groups, while Fortnite took twelve weeks.

Sensor Tower also believes the eventual release in China has given Diablo Immortal a huge boost: “During its first two days of release, Diablo Immortal was ranked #1 in all categories in the Apple App Store in the country. [China]. On launch day, it was the number 3 highest grossing game on the market.”

This tells us that if Blizzard could have secured its MMO debut on day one in China, we might have looked to a much shorter time to hit the $100 million mark.

Nevertheless, the game is already a huge win for Blizzard and it begs the question, can the game maintain this momentum over an extended period of time?

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