Digimon Survive: Trailer, Gameplay Features, Release Date

Bandai Namco and HYDE are gearing up to launch their next major RPG with Digimon Survive that will take players to a brand new world in 2022. Here’s everything we know about the game, including its release date, trailer, gameplay features and more.

Digimon fans have been waiting for the latest game in the franchise for years since it was first revealed in 2018. Since then, the game has been delayed after switching development teams halfway through, leaving players itching for news.

The publisher has been radio silent on Digimon Survive’s development cycle for years, but now fans have a lot more details to digest in the lead up to the title’s impending release.

Check out everything there is to know about the upcoming RPG that promises to be a wholesaler of popular entries like Cyber ​​Sleuth.


digimon survive rpg
Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive has several paths for players to explore.

Digimon Survive Release Date

Digimon Survive launches on July 28, 2022, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will also be compatible with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

The news was announced via the official YouTube channel of Bandai Namco Entertainment America. It’s likely that this will be the release date for all territories, so Digimon fans won’t have to wait much longer.

Digimon Survive Trailers

The game is still being polished, but the studio has released a Digimon Survive character showcase trailer that introduces us to the latest crop of adventurers.

Even if it’s just a brief glimpse, the company showed new monsters to meet and a whole world to explore. Not only will there be a rich visual new experience, but the game will also have a tactical RPG element to master.

Character trailer

Digimon Survive – Opening film

Digimon Survive – Producer Role

Digimon Survive Plot

Digimon Survive follows new character Momotsuka Takuma and his friends as they enter a mysterious world full of ‘monstrous creatures’. The game will be a mix of tactical gameplay and new visual elements.

The developers have been open about making this game a “little darker” than previous stories in the Digimon universe. Players’ choices can prove to be critical as they can influence the story’s progress as the developers teased hardships including “death of friends”.

Longtime fans of the games, anime or manga are promised a fresh look with a more grounded approach to Survive’s plot that should make for a deep story.

Digimon Survive Trailer
Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive introduces players to a new cast of monsters and characters.

Digimon Survive Gameplay Features

Digimon Survive is a strategy RPG with a strong visual novel side that will make up most of the game. The studio said it expects a “volume of visual novel and tactical combat” [that] is about 7:3″ across the whole experience.

Battles take place through turn-based gameplay with up to 10 units to bring forward. Players can move their Digimon across a grid, while also using SP to unleash skills and Digivolve.

There will be 113 Digimon that can be trained, many of which can become your partner Digimon by communicating with them.

digimon survives gameplay
Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive has strategic RPG gameplay with over 100 different monsters.

As players progress through Survive, interactions with other characters affect the story, and a “Karma” system even affects your partner’s Digivolution path.

Expect each run to take about 40 hours, with about 80 to 100 hours needed to complete all possible story routes.

There will be plenty of content in Digimon Survive for players to explore as they discover a new perspective of the franchise like never before.

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