Does Overwatch 2 remove the role queue? Blizzard survey raises concern

Amid rising queue times in the Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard has started asking players if they’d rather have one role queue or an open queue, while removing the other.

Role Queue was a long-requested feature in the original Overwatch that aimed to balance team compositions by forcing players to queue as a tank, DPS, or support to create a well-rounded squad.

Despite the change where teams no longer had six players running around as DPS, it increased queuing times significantly, leading to the advent of a classic open queuing system.

Now, with Overwatch 2 buffer tanks and changing the game to 5v5 with only one tank per squad, it seems like Blizzard is experimenting with the idea of ​​only having an open or scroll queue by eliminating one or the other.

Official Overwatch 2 poll asks players to remove open queue or role queue

Spotted by popular Overwatch news insider Naeri, the official Overwatch Korea YouTube channel asked players: If they could only have one match method in OW2 and esports, what would it be?

So far, 78% of respondents opt for no restrictions, eliminating the queue for roles.

In addition, a second poll asked whether players would rather not see restrictions as the main form of matchmaking rather than queuing. It had similar results, with 77% of players saying they preferred open queue as the primary form of matchmaking.

OW2 gameplay
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s queue times have already become an issue.

Overwatch 2 players concerned about role queue poll

However, the polls don’t seem to take into account how strong tanks have gotten in the move to 5v5 – and the ability to have three tanks with two props could lead to another controversial GOATS-esque meta.

“Open queue 5v5 would be broken with how well tanks can sustain themselves now. We would just get GOATS 2.0 with Rein, Doom, Zarya, Lucio and Moira,” commented a concerned player.

“Overwatch 2 was designed with 5v5 1-2-2 in mind. For competitive integrity, if nothing else, the main ranked mode should remain the role queue,” said another. play. Definitely role queue ranked for me!”

It remains to be seen what Blizzard’s plan will be with Overwatch 2’s ranked game, but the developers have revealed that they are overhauling the competitive system. If they plan on removing the queue of roles, it will be interesting to see if teams are still limited to one tank or if there are other restrictions.

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