dr. Disrespect breaks his mouse in heated Apex Legends rage: “F***ing game sucks”

The wrath of Dr. Disrespect and Apex Legends go hand-in-hand, but after hitting his breaking point after a recent eight-hour stream, Doc left his gaming mouse in pieces to close out the broadcast.

Despite Doc labeling it as the “most competitive” battle royale on the market a few days ago, Doc definitely has its issues with Apex Legends.

From criticizing the audio to lashing out at its “boring” time to kill in viral outbursts, the Twice has a turbulent relationship with the game to say the least.

While many of his Apex streams over the years have led to sudden outbursts of anger, Doc’s August 18 broadcast could crown as his most explosive yet. Not only the game came under fire, but so did his mouse when the YouTube star repeatedly slammed him on his desk.

After eight and a half hours into his last stream, Dr. Disrespect has clearly reached its breaking point. In the midst of a quick team fight, one that ultimately didn’t go his way, Doc minimized play before standing up and hitting his mouse.

Constantly disconnecting and reconnecting as Windows warnings flooded his stream, a few seconds passed before Doc crushed the mouse again and erupted. “Great game,” he shouted. Damn game sucks. It’s terrible.”

However, instead of one specific criticism this time around, he instead unleashed a barrage of complaints about all aspects of Apex Legends.

“Everything is a distraction, that’s it. Sound effects, explosions, VFX, I’m having a seizure. There is so much VFX on my screen I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what the fiction of this game is. I have no idea what’s happening. No!”

Continuing his tirade, he turned to summon Kings Canyon, the BR’s original map. Despite being a popular battleground, Doc wants it “taken out of the game” immediately.

After leaving his group chat and closing Apex for good, Dr. Disrespect his mouse in view and continued to wave it back and forth as he signed off. For the record, the broadcast came to an end with a final bang as Doc threw the once-familiar mouse back into his desk, right as he transitioned to the outro screen.

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