Dr Disrespect drops Deadrop trailer hint for Game Awards, but there’s a catch

Published: 2022-12-05T22:23:48

Updated: 2022-12-05T22:23:57

Dr Disrespect’s fans are so excited to see more from his Midnight Society studio that they asked if his game, Deadrop, will be unveiled at the Game Awards 2022… And he’s left the door wide open for the future.

Doc’s studio is working on a vertical battle royale shooter, with ambitions to compete with industry leaders such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends in the future.

The project has been criticized in the past for its integration of NFTs and blockchain technology, though the streaming star has moved to reassure players about how it will work in-game.

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Those wanting to see more of Deadrop have been eyeing moments on the video game release calendar since its July announcement.

Next up is The Game Awards 2022 on December 8, where the Game of the Year will be crowned, coupled with multiple trailers from around the industry… But will Deadrop be there?

Will Deadrop from Dr. Disrespect attending The Game Awards?

Dr Disrespect confirmed that Midnight Society’s Deaddrop game will not be attending The Game Awards 2022 presentation – but he is not willing to rule things out in the future.

“What are the chances of us seeing you at the Game Awards on Thursday, or at an announcement for Deadrop?” one viewer asked, with a five-dollar donation.

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He replied, “Zero percent chance… Zero percent chance. This year.”

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The Two-Time could hint at a future reveal trailer for The Game Awards, noting that host Geoff Keighley has his number.

“Make no mistake though. Geoff [Keighley] knows the flip phone. He knows,” the doctor continued.

“We’ve just muted it, for now we’ll turn it on when we’re done… You know what I mean, champs?”

The streamer’s AAA development studio has already showcased several features and innovations with Founder’s Pass owners through regular snapshots where they collect feedback in waves.

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However, it seems that Champions Club members are getting restless for something more substantial. Who knows… Although it’s not confirmed, Deaddrop could be on the menu for The Game Awards 2023.

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