Dr. Disrespect mocks “out of touch” Warzone 2.0 developers after 7 days ban

Published: 2022-11-26T16:11:22

Updated: 2022-11-26T16:11:33

YouTube streamer and mustache expert Dr. Disrespect has labeled Activision “out of touch” after giving him a week-long Warzone 2.0 ban for his use of proximity chat.

While some of Warzone 2.0 has been criticized for its player base, there seems to be universal appreciation for the inclusion of proximity chat in standard multiplayer matches.

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The feature means that when players are close to opponents in the game, they can hear enemies’ conversations and talk to them.

The Doc was one of those who enjoyed his additions, recently mocking an unwell player and getting even more satisfaction by taking out a stream sniper after hearing his own stream’s audio in the background.

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However, in a November 24 live stream, the YouTube megastar revealed that he has received a seven-day ban on one of his Warzone 2.0 accounts for his use of proximity chat.

Dr Disrespect banned from Warzone 2.0 for using proximity chat

Going back and forth with his YT chat, the Doc said he was using an alternate account and was banned for alleged proximity chat toxicity.

“I should probably chill on this champions account,” he said. “I mean with the proximity chat. This isn’t even my account. They banned my other seven days for using proximity chats. Believe it or not champions. So we’re playing on an alternative… Spam? Yes, it was probably for spam. But was it real?”

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Timestamp: 1:48:45

Discussing it further, he said he believes he was banned for “setting an example,” claiming he’s “seen a lot f**king worse” from other players and pointing out that the specific clip he was was banned, both sides were talking.

“These people are just so unreachable,” he said. ‘Are you going to ban me right before a $100,000 tournament? It is insane how unreachable these people are.”

It’s not the first time the Doc has scolded Activision and CoD developers for their behavior, recently firing at them for the inclusion of Riot Shields in Modern Warfare 2.

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