dr. Mundo changes coming to League of Legends to power up toplaner late game

dr. Mundo hasn’t really felt at home in the Summoner’s Rift since the launch of his League of Legends adaptation. The Madman of Zaun has flown in and out of the meta, but Riot is looking to cement his place as a late game monster with new buffs in Season 12.

League of Legends reworks aim to help the champion feel more modern – with more up-to-date mechanics and quality-of-life changes, allowing them to keep up with the current meta.

But in the case of Dr. Mundo’s reworked skills didn’t feel quite as intuitive, which confused many key issues. This is somewhat reflected in his ranked stats – while Mundo has a generous 52.15% win rate, he’s not that popular in the top lane with just a 3.2% play rate.

Riot hears the complaints from the community and brings some changes to the Madman or Zaun to try and make him a more attractive choice.

Rageborn Mundo LoL

Riot Games

The rework of Dr. Mundo has failed on players, with Riot trying to revive the Madman of Zaun in Season 12.

In his current state of affairs, Dr. Mundo as a mix of a juggernaut and a tank, but performs neither task effectively. This is especially true in the late game, where his health loss and rain aren’t as intuitive to optimize as they once were.

Champion designer Glenn ‘Twin Enso’ Damascus has suggested some changes to sort that out a bit:[We want to] minimal [or] don’t change the win rate, make it more skewed in the late game and less early game, and reduce ear flicks.”

The by Dr. Mundo emphasized changes minimize the loss of health and health regeneration of his passive, making it less risky and providing a high reward. Heart Zapper always restores health regardless of hitting enemies – a change in quality of life that reduces the champion’s tedium of optimizing mechanics.

The bonus AD scaling has been removed from his R and only moved to his E to get online sooner, and will be scaled with max health instead of missing health.

Overall, these changes slightly lower Mundo’s overall AD, but allow for a more steady and manageable health recovery. This mechanic is absolutely necessary for Dr. Mundo – thereby ensuring that Dr. Mundo is more intuitive to master.

Don’t expect the changes to fall on League of Legends patch 12.15. These aren’t quite set in stone yet as Twin Eso posted the balance numbers hoping to “build some understanding and conversation at this stage”.

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