EA accidentally launches FIFA 23 on Xbox one month before release

Certain Xbox users got their hands on FIFA 23 early on and will have access to all game modes, updated player stats, and much more before the game’s actual release.

FIFA 23 will be released at the end of September. However, some players have been able to download the game a whole month before launch and now have access to all game modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team.

The news of this mix-up was first announced on Twitter by FUT23News, stating that developers EA “accidentally made FIFA 23 playable for some players.” As proof, the post then included a screenshot of the Xbox Series X/S download screen – with the full version of FIFA 23 installed on the console.

As a result, those who do have access to the game now have leaked online player stats and ratings, as well as the brand new kits teams will be wearing in the upcoming game. However, it is still unclear why certain Xbox users have been granted access to FIFA 23.

While some EA Play members have revealed that they made the cut, other users who have downloaded the game are just Xbox Series X/S owners. Additionally, some gamers have stated that they have not been able to access FIFA 23 since then, while others reportedly still have it installed and able to play through it.

While the early Xbox release of FIFA 23 seems to have been a big mistake by EA, it’s not the first big mistake they’ve made when it comes to their upcoming title.

Earlier in August, the Ultimate Edition of the game was available on the Epic Games store for just 6 cents. Rather than refund those who bought the game at this price, EA chose to honor the listing.

For EA, FIFA 23 will be the last game to bear the FIFA name, earlier this year it was reported that the publisher’s partnership with the football organization had ended. Beginning in 2023, all new EA football titles will fall under the EA Sports FC banner.

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