EA Confirms FIFA 23 & Ted Lasso Crossover With Playable AFC Richmond

EA SPORTS has announced that FIFA 23 and Ted Lasso will finally team up for a highly anticipated partnership that will see the show’s beloved team and manager become playable.

Fans of both FIFA and Ted Lasso have begged for the two brands to reunite, and thanks to a collaboration between Warner Bros. and EA SPORTS, the rumored dream is finally about to become a reality.

FIFA 23 is almost on the horizon and fans were hit with a feel-good bomb when they found out that the Ted Lasso crossover is real.

It’s going to be a great collaboration with the show’s AFC Richmond team playable in multiple game modes and Ted Lasso himself as a pick-and-choose manager in the game.

Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond are playable in FIFA 23

As Dani Rojas of Ted Lasso always says, “Football is life.” This point will be hammered in FIFA 23 when the man himself, along with the rest of the AFC Richmond team, will be usable in Career Mode, Kick Off Mode, Online Friendlies and Online Seasons.

“I am really lucky and extremely grateful to have had many special moments in my career thus far, and I consider this experience to be one of the best. As loyal fans of EA SPORTS FIFA, it is truly a dream come true for myself and the rest of the guys to integrate Ted Lasso and the entire AFC Richmond team into the latest iteration of the game,” said show star and creator, Jason. Sudeikis.

“Our cast and crew are working extremely hard on this show, and we’re flattered that it appeals to so many people. We look forward to giving our fans the opportunity to play with, play as and even play against their favorite AFC Richmond characters,” he added.

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The Ted Lasso crossover we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming to FIFA 23.

In addition to the team’s and manager’s playable elements in FIFA 23, the team’s famous Nelson Road stadium, which also serves as Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park site, will also be featured.

EA and Warner Bros. have also confirmed that players can expect numerous unlockable items related to Ted Lasso in Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs: “This includes Ted Lasso and Coach Beard manager items, AFC Richmond kits, and other FUT club and stadium vanity items, including badges, flags and more, in addition to Nelson Road Stadium being included in Pro Clubs.”

In typical Roy Kent fashion, the character’s cast member, Brett Goldstein, was excited to be in the game: “It’s so f***ing cool to be in FIFA. Not sure if this will help dispel the CGI rumors, but f*** it, totally worth it,” said Emmy Award winner Brett Goldstein, who plays AFC Richmond player Roy Kent. “I’m looking forward to beating my cousin in a match with me as Roy Kent and him as Jamie Tartt. He will be furious.”

This will likely be music to the ears of many FIFA 23 fans ahead of the game’s release and the title will be a big one as EA says goodbye to the FIFA license.

FIFA 23 and Ted Lasso fans are about to be pumped after it was officially announced that the two brands will be coming together.

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