EA is working on Marvel Iron Man game, according to insider

Amid reports that EA is in development for a second Marvel game, an industry insider claimed the title could make Iron Man shine.

This isn’t the first time rumors of an Electronic Arts-published Marvel project have surfaced on the internet. Late last month, VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb reported that the two entities would be teaming up on a Black Panther game.

Supposedly, the studio carrying the unannounced title is a new crew from Seattle, founded by Kevin Stephens – the former head of Monolith Productions.

Neither Electronic Arts nor Marvel Games have confirmed Grubb’s claim at the time of writing. Now, yet another Marvel-centric game rumor is swarming the web.

EA may be publishing an Iron Man game

On an episode of the Game Mess Mornings podcast, Jeff Grubb noted that, in addition to Black Panther, Electronic Arts is “making another Marvel single-player game.”

Twitter user Okami games shared a clip of Grubb’s comment, which caught the attention of industry insider and Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson.

In a Twitter post, Henderson said, “I’ve heard some rumors it’s Iron Man;” however, the lack of concrete details prevented him from reporting on it. “For now, put this heavily under the ‘rumour’ category,” the insider said.

As Henderson himself points out in the post above, it’s best to take this piece of information with a grain of salt. Like the Black Panther reports, EA has yet to address the Iron Man claim.

An interactive Iron Man adventure doesn’t sound too far-fetched, though. In addition to the character’s growing popularity over the last decade and change, an Iron Man starring game hit the market two years ago.

The title in question, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, launched on PSVR in 2020 and received generally favorable reviews. In addition, the hero gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers suggests a full-fledged campaign like the Iron Avenger could work.

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