Easy GTA Online Money Glitch Doubles Delivery Order Payout

There’s no escaping the importance of cash in GTA Online, so every time a free money problem crops up in the game, players run towards it like a resource in the desert. This one includes the car delivery service and is quite easy to perform.

There have been countless ways to earn free money in GTA Online over the years. From the infamous auto-duplication glitch to tricking the game into making a character skip large parts of heists, it seems like a new method pops up every week.

This version is also technically a dupe glitch, but it works very differently from the standard version that was already popular for much of 2022. Instead of making a new car to sell, just let an NPC double your workload.

Fast GTA Online Money Glitch Gives Players Free Money

All you need to do this time is initiate a customer delivery from the Auto Shop. When you are in the auto menu and choose whether you or an employee will deliver it, choose to deliver it yourself but scroll down immediately and spam the option to have your employee deliver it afterwards.

If it works, you’ll see the notification that someone else is going to deliver the car, but you’ll also be spawned in it. This means that your money is effectively doubled for the time you spend getting from the Auto Shop to the drop-off point.

While the money for one try won’t be a world-changing amount, this glitch is infinitely repeatable, so you can take advantage of it as many times as you want.

Since big money earners like the Cayo Perico Heist are screwed into the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack update, smaller glitches like this can make a huge difference to one’s cash flow and can leave you treading water if you’re not sure what’s next big step. could be.

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