eBay payments don’t work for many

PayPal is not available and users are currently having trouble paying an invoice on eBay or directly through PayPal’s billing platform. According to many users on Twitter, PayPal doesn’t work for them on eBay.

PayPal error:

The reason regarding the downtime is really unknown and it’s really not clear if PayPal is actually working on a fix for the problem. However, based on Google Trends, it seems to have been out for over 3 hours already.

PayPal down

Currently, users are greeted with the following error message when attempting to make a payment:

At the moment things don’t seem to work. try again later

At iLounge we had to pay some bills via PayPal, but unfortunately we got the same error message.

PayPal asks customers to privately message them

It happens that PayPal tries to identify the problem by asking their customers to message them directly with their registered PayPal email address.

As this news is still under development, we will keep this article updated as more information becomes available regarding the downtime.

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