EK Announces New Lineup of M.2 SSD Heatsinks

EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based manufacturer of premium PC liquid cooling equipment, launched its first heatsinks for M.2 NVMe SSDs five years ago. Since then, EK has sold over a hundred thousand of those units and built a reputation for producing efficient passive cooling solutions for M.2 SSDs. This reputation led to collaborations with leading storage manufacturers, the latest being Seagate, and the development of a heatsink for FireCuda 530 SSD, which found its home in many gaming PCs and even PlayStation 5 consoles.

Since SSDs don’t intend to get slower, only faster, the need for SSD cooling solutions will only grow, and EK has prepared a new heatsink, the EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe, as part of the Quantum product line. The redesign brought not only aesthetic changes, but also a very important functional update. As M.2 SSDs get faster, they also gain in capacity and use a double-sided layout. And there the EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe has the upper hand.

EC-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe
The EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe is a passive aluminum heat sink for M.2 NVMe solid-state drives. While not a water-cooling component, it is a much-needed aesthetic and cooling solution for many PC owners. It’s no secret that M.2 NVMe SSDs can quickly overheat and be subject to thermal throttling, reducing performance. However, EK’s new heatsink will completely avoid thermal throttling in cases with adequate airflow or otherwise significantly extending the time before SSD thermal throttling occurs.

It is easy to install, unobtrusive, easily reusable and aesthetically unobtrusive. The heatsink uses a clever design where flipping the backplate realigns the mounting holes on the backplate with a different set of screw holes on the heatsink. This removes the backplate from the main body of the heatsink, allowing for more space and installation on double-sided SSDs.

It is made of high quality aluminum and is available in four distinctive finishes. With its unique Quantum-like design, this heatsink is the perfect addition to your build. The four available finishes – gold, black, nickel and silver – perfectly match other products of the EK Quantum line, such as coupling fittings, pump covers, backplates, etc.

The EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe is compatible with all single and double-sided 2280 M.2 NVMe SSDs (22mm wide, 80mm long). Because the heatsink consists of a front piece and back plate, compatibility is limited to M.2 (NGFF) connectors with a height of 4.2 mm.

What is a single and what is a double-sided M.2 SSD?
Single-sided M.2 NVMe SSDs only have chips on one side of the circuit board. This means that all storage and controller electronics are placed on one side of the drive, hence the name, single-sided. These disks are smaller and generate less heat. Double-sided M.2 NVMe drives have chips on both sides of the circuit board. These drives usually offer more storage capacity by adding flash memory storage chips on both sides of the drive.

Availability and prices
These premium M.2 NVMe solid-state drive heatsinks are made in Slovenia, Europe, and are now available for purchase through EK Webshop and partner reseller network. The table below shows the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) including VAT.

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