EK Introduces New Delta² TEC for LGA 1700 and Intel 12th Gen Core CPUs

EK, the leading provider of computer cooling solutions, is launching the latest generation of its TEC solution – the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC – a CPU water block for extreme cooling. In collaboration with Intel, EK has developed a next-generation waterblock for enthusiasts seeking consistent peak performance and ultimate overclocking from the unlocked 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors.

This water block is based on Peltier (ThermoElectricCooler) technology and can transport heat through the Peltier effect. Inside the TEC sheet, the Peltier effect produces a temperature difference between the two sides by passing a current through it. This means that the cold plate, which is in contact with the CPU, can be reduced to temperatures below ambient, while the liquid cooling loop cools the hot side of the TEC.

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC brings further improvements to the original EK-Quantum Delta TEC design. Instead of the one original TEC plate, the new generation has four TEC plates. These are soldered to the bottom of the water block that goes over the CPU, improving contact and cooling of the block and ultimately the CPU. Another improvement is that TEC plates are no longer made of aluminum oxide but of aluminum nitride (AlN). aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic plates are advanced thermoelectric plates that significantly improve energy efficiency, especially at higher power levels.

The water block features the signature Quantum design, which can also be seen on Velocity² products, along with the controller unit. The controller is now a separate element, intended to be mounted on a nearby 120mm fan mount in the housing. As such, it no longer affects the visual appearance of the waterblock, which was the case with previous generations of EK TEC products. The control unit can now connect and control the pump and fans of the loop used to cool the TEC board, making it even more user-friendly.

And this is not where improvements stop. Further updates have been made to the insulation that prevents condensation, now with a dense, high-precision rubber frame instead of foam. The water block uses built-in mounting screws already equipped with circlips. It also has two additional thermal sensors – one on the hot and one on the cold side of the Peltier element – for precise monitoring and control of the TEC plates.

It is powered exclusively by Intel Cryo Cooling Technology, a unique combination of hardware, software and firmware designed to unleash extraordinary performance for gamers and those seeking the highest boost frequencies.

This unique cooler is built for maximum performance and frequencies during heavy loads on a single core or lighter loads across multiple cores. It is not intended for torture and stress testing software that applies a heavy synthetic load to all cores, such as Prime95.

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC is built using a specially designed large-area flow-through cooling motor and Intel Cryo Cooling Technology, bridging aesthetic uniformity and near-silent operation with technological advances in thermal solutions. The cooler offers exceptional application of ambient temperature CPU cooling by utilizing the Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) plate, while continuously monitoring and dynamically adjusting the temperature, achieving an ideal working environment for sustained gaming performance.

Liquid coolers are not able to reach temperatures below the ambient temperature (room temperature), while EK-Quantum Delta² TEC uses advanced technology – the CPU is actively cooled to sub-ambient temperatures while the heat generated by the TEC board through the traditional liquid is extracted and discharged cooling loop.

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC uses an innovative two-pronged approach to reduce condensation, a byproduct that plagued previous attempts at sub-environmental cooling. The cooler features a compact integrated rubber jacket that isolates all exposed cold surfaces from the ambient conditions inside the PC, while Intel Cryo Cooling Technology continuously monitors TEC and ambient temperature to adapt to those conditions and prevents condensation generated by the cooling process. generated, to be avoided. An additional sensor is located in the control unit to monitor the humidity in the chassis and avoid the dew point.

Availability and prices
The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC is available for pre-order through the EK Online Store (Editor’s Note: It costs $540 in the US). This product is expected to ship in mid-August 2022.

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