Elden Ring hackers break players save files with infinite death loop

Elden Ring hackers are ruining the game on PC by damaging other players’ save files after invading their world. The new hack lets users load infinitely in a death loop cycle.

Not long after its February 2022 launch, Elden Ring was already hit by a notorious Dark Souls hacker. The user was able to softban players after finding an exploit in FromSoftware’s anti-cheat engine.

In March, hackers try to ruin the RPG for PC users and a new cheat corrupts players’ save files. Here’s what you need to know about the infinite death loop glitch and one possible way to fix it.

Elden Ring Bloody Invasion screenshot.
From Software

Elden Ring hackers invade the worlds of PC players and damage their save files.

Elden Ring hackers damage save files on PC

The big exploit was first covered by Twitter user EldenRingUpdate† In a March 18 message, the account warned players about how hackers corrupted save files on PCs.

Elden Ring PSA for PC players. There is an exploit going on on PC where hackers will corrupt your save file while invading you. First, they will crash your game, and when you open it again, your character will constantly fall down,” they said.

The user added an attached video of the exploit in action. In the clip, we see a player’s game crashing after being invaded by a hacker. After restarting the RPG, they load off the map and fall to their deaths over and over again.

How to fix Elden Ring Infinite Falling death loop exploit?

While the new exploit is sure to be devastating to players who have spent countless hours exploring the Lands Between, FromSoftware fans claim they’ve already found a solution to the serious problem.

On the r/Eldenring forum, one user explained: “Every time your game loads you get a split second before you get ‘death’ and you have to use it to press Alt + F4. This will close the game and you will have more time when you log in again to access your card, when you log in again, open your card with the key it is bound to, press the button that opens Grace’s list of available sites and spam your confirmation button. If you do it right, you should teleport back to a Grace site.”

infinite falling/death loop – Hacked from Eldenring

While many users have claimed that the workaround fixed the exploit, getting it done seems a bit tricky, which isn’t exactly ideal. But at least it’s something.

With more and more fans complaining about the hacker problem, Hopefully FromSoftware will fix it soon. The developer just released the 1.04 patch on March 18, so maybe the RPG can get an emergency update to address this.

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