Epic Games mocks Fortnite ‘dead game’ claims in new leaked skin

Fortnite has jokingly hit back at people who claim the Battle Royale is a “dead game” by creating a new skin that literally says “dead game” on its t-shirt.

Epic Games’ hit Battle Royale Fortnite has been running strong for five years now, drawing in millions with its live events and regularly posting massive collaborations with everyone from Marvel superheroes to pop superstars.

Despite this success, you only need to take a quick look at a tweet or Facebook post about Fortnite to see the countless comments calling it a “death game” or claiming that “nobody cares anymore”.

Rather than respond to those claims with facts or player numbers, Epic Games has decided to subtly mock its critics by creating a new skin that wears a “dead game” top.

As revealed by several prominent Fortnite goodies, including: HYPEXthe skin is pretty plain, apart from a plaid hat and the high-necked tank top that has those infamous words scratched out.

According to leakers, the skin is called Veronika and will be part of the next Starter Pack in Chapter 3 Season 4, meaning you should be able to add this outfit to your locker in a few weeks.

For reference, Starter Packs usually cost about $3.99 and include a skin, back bling, pickaxe, and 600 V-Bucks, making them on the cheaper side when it comes to original skins.

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