Escape From Tarkov update patch notes: DLSS, new weapons, skills rework

Battle State Games are continually striving to Escape From Tarkov create a deeper and more complete experience, and this is very clear with the new patch notes

Escape From Tarkov is not for the faint hearted as it grueling difficult FPS utilizes hyperrealism to create a compelling and challenging game.

The game has enjoyed great success and attention thanks to one of the game’s biggest fans – Dr. Disrespect – and players continue to enjoy the deviation from the formula of regular FPS games.

Escape From Tarkov is technically still in its infancy access stage, despite being available since 2016, and constant updates are deployed to fine-tune and iron out niggles. The update is the latest round of changes by the developers, and we have the full patch notes for it.


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Battle State Games

The popularity of Escape From Tarkov continues to rise, especially with popular streamers showcasing it.

Escape From Tarkov update release date and time

The update for Escape From Tarkov was released on April 13, 2022 and is now live in the game

It contains all the patch notes that we will read for you below.

Escape From Tarkov update features: DLSS, QOL changes and fixes

The headline addition in the new Escape From Tarkov update has to bring Nvidia DLSS to the game. For those who don’t know, this advanced piece of technology greatly improves the performance of the game on your system, increases the frame rate and makes the graphics sharper and clearer.

Furthermore, revolvers have been added to the game, along with a number of new types of ammunition that you can discover during your salvage sessions.

Not only that, but the developers tweaked some of the skills to balance them out a bit and tackle a myriad of quality-of-life solutions.

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Escape From Tarkov is an FPS unlike any other on the market.

Escape Tarkov patch notes


  • Added several optimizations for the game server and network component;
  • Optimized memory usage of 3D models;
  • Added optimizations for physics and CPU time for processing light source visibility;
  • Optimized shading and cloud shaders;
  • Improved game stability during backend connection issues;
  • Improved loading speed in a raid;


Nvidia DLSS 2.3.1 has been added to the game.

DLSS was developed to increase the frame rate during high GPU usage. If the game is already running at a high frame rate on your PC, your graphics card’s frame rendering time may be faster than the DLSS execution time. In this case, DLSS is not necessary as it does not increase the frame rate. However, if the game is heavy on the graphics card (FPS is lower than 60 fps), then DLSS provides an optimal performance boost. In this case, you can increase your graphics settings to get the most out of DLSS.

  • DLSS only works with Nvidia graphics cards with the RTX technology
    • DLSS will give an FPS boost only if your graphics card was working under 97-100% usage before DLSS;
    • If the GPU isn’t working under heavy usage, you can increase it by selecting higher graphics settings and then enable DLSS;
    • DLSS works best at high resolutions, we recommend using it with monitors with resolutions of 2560×1440 and above.
  • Auxiliary tools used in some crafting recipes will revert to stash upon production completion;
  • Added weapon and armor repair kits. These kits can be found in raid, but cannot be used in raid alone. The effectiveness of repair kits is influenced by the Weapon Maintenance and Intelligence skills;
  • Added revolvers:
    • Chiappa Rhino 200DS chambered in 9×19
    • Chiappa Rhino 50DS chambered in .357
  • Added new ammo types:
    • .357 Magnum soft tip
    • .357 Magnum JHP
    • .357 Magnum Hollow Point
    • .357 Magnum FMJ
  • In the near future we will also be adding two more versions of Chiappa Rhino Chambered in 0.40 SW and 9×21 ITA.
  • Leveling added for revolver-mastering;
  • Enhanced Rogue AI to improve their teamwork interactions;
  • Reworked the brood mechanics for Scavs to exclude clutches near players and inside objects. Additionally, it focuses on the ability to spawn on Scav or Rogue sniper positions as player remove scavs;
  • Added the ability to click the NEXT button on the PMC USEC/BEAR faction selection screen before the models are fully loaded;
  • Updated the sounds of pouch interaction for different types of weapons and magazines;
  • Reworked Endurance elite level skill stats
    • Increases the breath recovery rate by 50% (it was 100%)
    • Increases endurance by 20% (up from 25%)
  • Added the ability to sort tasks by location in the mission menu;
  • Reworked the Scav behavior mechanics on Factory as players battle Tagilla;
  • Additional slowness for bots when accelerating and decelerating, added speed settings for bots when idling and running;
  • Bots will no longer fire when they change position (for example, when they try to lie down or stand up);
  • Added the ability to replace an operational task in the merchant quest menu. Replacing task will be considered failed. The cost of any subsequent replacement will increase until the task completion timer expires;
  • Disabled ambient noises (such as wind or rain) while charging in raid;
  • Added a new type of operational task – elimination while using a specific weapon class, such as sniper or rifles;
  • Added overheating capability for various weapon attachments;
  • The death screen now shows a player’s nickname if you were killed by a Player Scav;
  • Added the Connection Type tab to the game settings section, select HTTP in case of problems accessing the functional areas of the lobby. The setting does not affect game performance during raids;

List of corrections:

  • Bots are now aggressive towards Player Scavs again when they shoot at another Player Scav;
  • Cultist manure toxin durability now remains correct after being picked up by another PMC
  • The NVG-sounds for other players added on / off;
  • Control settings in the Live client will no longer be reset to the default settings if the player has installed the ETS client with different control settings;
  • Fixed interface may freeze while interacting with inventory and close by pressing Tab key;
  • Glukhar guards no longer stop firing at players while switching weapons after Glukhar’s death;
  • Fixed water visual artifacts in the reservoirs at Lighthouse;
  • Objects are now properly rendered in thermal vision goggles with high resampling values ​​enabled;
  • Gun control now works correctly when using MTs-255-12
  • Bots now correctly decide to use lying positions when engaging a player;
  • Bots no longer appear right players at the customs;
  • Postman Pat task can now be completed correctly after all objectives are completed;
  • Ammunition no longer disappears from the idle weapon when unloading the chamber with a hotkey immediately after switching weapons;
  • Fixed some areas where the airdrop supply crate could get stuck;
  • The NEXT button no longer disappears when players return to the faction selection screen from the character appearance/voice or nickname screen;
  • Active headset sound effect no longer persists between offline raids;
  • Low graphics settings no longer distort object textures when using night vision goggles;
  • Switching between tabs on the character screen now remains possible after deleting a map with the keyboard shortcut and buying a new one;
  • The assassin’s name now correctly displays on the killed player’s dogtag if they are operating a stationary weapon;
  • Fixes the issue with not being able to place multiple MS2000 Markers in a raid if the player performed other side actions while placing the marker;
  • Shooting and ambient sounds no longer change after reloading in an offline raid;
  • Informative loading screen banners change automatically again;
  • Bullet impacts on water are now correctly displayed at customs;
  • Fixed the aiming zoom for MTs-255-12 and MP-43-1C shotguns.

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