Every Apex Legends Ranked RP Record Has Been Broken in Season 14

Predator has always been a difficult rank to achieve in Apex Legends. But now the RP threshold to get into that prestigious top 750 on PC is ridiculously high and the peak RP record has already been broken.

The red path. The exclusive badges. The boast. Hitting Apex Predator and placing yourself in the top 750 players in the game is a huge achievement for any player.

However, with Season 14’s rank changes removing the cap on RP winnings and pitting matchmaking Gold players against a top 5 Pred player, the RP threshold for reaching that prestigious Predator rank is really, really high.

So high, in fact, that the amount of RP needed to reach Pred is over 35,000, a number that has eclipsed the previous record of 33k with over a week left in the season. In addition, the record RP number has been broken for the first time since Sentinel’s own 100k Lou get 100k RP in Apex Legends season 12.

Apex Legends raises the bar with impossible RP record

Ranked was a hot topic during Season 14, even more so than Season 13 when Respawn started making serious changes to RP gains and losses.

The end result of all these minor tweaks and changes has resulted in a ranked system that feels almost completely different.

The RP threshold for hitting Predator has grown rapidly, to the point where the record was quickly broken by over 35000 RP

There’s a lot more risk given that players dropped early will lose a lot more RP and could be demoted, but also a much bigger reward for players who go for kills and play aggressively.

For the absolute best players in Apex Legends, this is a great way to show off your skills and ability. But it also makes the curve for RP gains incredibly big.

To progress through all ranks from Rookie to Master, you need 15,000 RP. Since the minimum RP to hit Pred is over 35,000 at the time of writing, it takes more RP to get from Master to Pred than it does to make your way through the entirety of the ranked system.

This is nothing new for top tier players, but the higher RP cost to play games has certainly reduced the number of players in the top ranks in Apex Legends for sure.

The total number of Master and Pred players on PC is much lower than in previous seasons, meaning the absolute best Apex Legends players are doing well and setting records, while everyone else struggles to reach previous peaks.

Achieving the coveted Predator rank is now incredibly difficult and requires players to collect a ton of kills to progress. There is a certain point in the ranked grind to peak Pred where it is possible to losses points for winning a game. Seriously.

However, some players use the uncapped ranked system to skyrocket their RP.

E6 Slayers has already passed 100k RP, peaking at 100,875. With over a week left of Season 14 at the time of writing, there’s time to push this record even further.

We’re in a system where aggressive players are rewarded with high kills for treating Predator lobbies like pub games. Not to mention that matchmaking has placed players as low as gold in Predator lobbies.

A mix of matchmaking issues and RP changes have completely trashed the current leaderboards compared to what they were before Season 14. Whether Respawn decides to undo changes or make new ones remains to be seen.

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