Every Modern Warfare 2 map and mode: Highrise return, new Knockout playlist, more

Modern Warfare 2 is almost here, and we already know a lot about returning maps, fan favorite playlists, and all-new modes. Here’s a complete rundown of everything you can expect at launch with the full release of MW2.

Activision now has most of the components of Modern Warfare 2 now with the campaign getting a special look and the multiplayer beta that will allow fans to get their first hands-on sessions. So we already know a lot about what to expect for the final build.

The full launch on October 28 is getting closer and closer and Infinity Ward has already unveiled a range of new content to get us excited for the release.

From an assortment of brand new game modes to a handful of returning cards, in addition to the staples in each annual release, there’s plenty to come in the next installment.

Here’s a full rundown of every confirmed map and mode for Modern Warfare 2 so far, along with some likely additions.


modern warfare 2 green and white soldier key artActivity

Modern Warfare 2 introduces a number of new maps and modes in the CoD franchise.

Every game mode in Modern Warfare 2

Confirmed Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes


Invasion is a 32v32 deathmatch played on AI-powered Ground War maps. The mode works similarly to Team Deathmatch, in that players earn team points by taking out enemies. Vehicles are available in this game mode.

The team with the most points at the end of the allotted time wins.

Prisoner Rescue

One of the new additions in Modern Warfare 2 is the Prisoner Rescue playlist. This mode is heavily inspired by Rainbow Six and CS:GO and divides players into attacking and defensive teams.

The goal of the attackers is to either take out all the defenders or take two hostages to safety. For Defenders, it’s just a matter of staying alive and locking up your prisoners.

Knock out

As the name implies, Knockout is a unique mode in Modern Warfare 2 that gives teams only one life to prove themselves. As with Prisoner Rescue above, each player in Knockout only has one life per round, but can be revived after crashing.

Instead of hostages, the goal here is to either hold a pack for 60 seconds or wipe out the enemy team to win the round.


While we know for certain that Gunfight will appear in Modern Warfare 2, there is currently no guarantee when it will appear.

Infinity Ward addressed the aforementioned Knockout as a sort of spiritual successor, but the original Gunfight will still return “at some point,” developers have said. confirmed.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivity

The popular 2v2 gameplay of Gunfight will return with Modern Warfare 2 at some point.

Team Deathmatch

As always, the default Team Deathmatch mode is back another year in Modern Warfare 2. If you’re looking for the easiest mode of them all, where the sole purpose is to kill, this is the playlist for you.


Domination returns again in Modern Warfare 2, as the three-flag mode has been a staple since 2007. Objectives are placed in three locations on a given map. Mastering them will give you points over time, the more your team controls, the more points you earn.

hard point

The popular competitive mode Hardpoint is back in Modern Warfare 2. In this mode, teams fight for control of a single rotating target. The first Hardpoint location often appears in the center of a map before being rotated through a number of preset positions at regular intervals.

Search and destroy

The classic round-based mode is confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 as Search & Destroy comes out for another year. In this popular mode, teams take turns attacking and defending two bomb locations. Without respawns, it is crucial to play your life in each round.

Moshpit for the third person

Mixing a handful of modes with all players fighting from a third person POV for the first time since Modern Warfare 3.

Game Modes You Can Expect in Modern Warfare 2

Since it’s only early days, not every game mode is locked down for Modern Warfare 2. But if you’re familiar with the CoD franchise, you’ll be well-versed in some staple playlists that pop up almost every year without fail.

While we haven’t confirmed the following yet, it’s safe to assume the trend will continue into 2022 and many of the most popular game modes will return.

Below is a quick look at what we expect to see on day one in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Free for everyone
  • Conquer the flag
  • Patrol
  • Murder confirmed
  • ground war

Every card in Modern Warfare 2

With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward will divide the cards into three different categories. Core Maps are your default 6v6 designs. Battle Maps are larger spaces built for larger lobbies similar to Ground War.

While Large Battle Maps are the most comprehensive of them all, designed exclusively for the largest modes on offer.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivity

Modern Warfare 2’s maps are divided into three unique categories based on size.

For now, it’s unclear how many cards we can expect to see in each category at launch. Although we already have some early details on a handful of new additions to Modern Warfare 2.

Core Maps in Modern Warfare 2

Valderas Museum

Located in Spain, Valderas Museum is a traditional CoD map with a four lane layout. The map features indoor and outdoor combat and is one of the game’s larger core maps.

Breebergh Hotel

Breenbergh Hotel is located in a five-star hotel in an evacuated center of Amsterdam and supports medium-range firefights.

Mercado Las Almas

Mercardo Las Almas is suitable for aggressive up-in-your-face gameplay and has a marketplace in Mexico.

The vibrant and colorful map is smaller and emphasizes short-range commands.

Marina Bay Grand Prix

As the name implies, the Marina Bay Grand Prix card is a mid-range card set in the middle of a Formula 1 race track in Singapore.

Infinity Ward unveiled Grand Prix at CDL Champs 2022.

oil field

Again, the name of this map speaks for itself as it appears to be set in a desert oil refinery.

Thanks to another leaked image, it looks like there are large, circular refineries on the map, each with scaffolding that players can presumably walk over.

Farm 18

Inspired by the Modern Warfare 2019 map Shoot House, Farm 18 is built around a training facility in an unknown location.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivity

Many of the biggest maps in Modern Warfare 2 are sure to feature a range of vehicles.

Battle Maps in Modern Warfare 2


As one of the larger maps in Modern Warfare 2, Sa’id has been described as an urban battleground. Chances are we’ll see plenty of room for vehicular combat

Sariff Bay

Sariff Bay will promote some of Modern Warfare 2’s new water and swim mechanics. Located near a large body of water in a fishing village, expect to get your feet wet on this large-scale map.

Returning cards to expect in Modern Warfare 2

Since we’re still a few months away from launch, there’s still plenty of time to commit new additions. Call of Duty Next confirmed a few classic CoD maps returning in Warzone 2.

al mazrah map war zone 2Activity

Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah map includes several classic CoD maps as POIs.

Infinity Ward has confirmed five classic CoD maps in Warzone 2. While they’re currently exclusively for the Battle Royale, there’s a good chance we could see a handful split into the multiplayer component as well as Core Maps in Modern Warfare 2.

Below is a quick look at the confirmed classic CoD cards on Al Mazrah.

  • Quarry – Modern Warfare 2
  • Highrise – Modern Warfare 2
  • Observatory- Modern Warfare 3
  • Showdown – CoD 4
  • Terminal – Modern Warfare 2

A leaker who posted early images of the Museum, Oilfield, and Grand Prix maps for Modern Warfare 2 also claimed to have images related to the following maps:

  • dogtown
  • esports gym
  • Dig up
  • precipitation
  • favela
  • shooting range
  • Floating Bay
  • Killhouse
  • Lighthouse
  • Luxury
  • mountain town
  • Narcos

While most of these maps are new or not part of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, such as Firing Range, this could mean Favela may return to Modern Warfare 2 in 2022.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated here as more details emerge about Modern Warfare 2’s map set and modes.

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