Everything announced in Minecraft Live 2022

published: 2022-10-15T19:19:58

Updated: 2022-10-15T19:20:22

Minecraft Live is an annual event where Mojang announces all the latest news and upcoming updates for Minecraft, Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons. This is all that was announced in 2022.

With representation at the center of this Minecraft Live, many new elements were added to each game, release windows were announced, and a brand new crowd was unveiled. However, the news quickly flies around in Live events like this one.

We’ve rounded up everything announced in Minecraft Live so you can see what’s coming to the Minecraft franchise. Here’s everything announced in Minecraft Live 2022.


Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends gameplaymojang

Minecraft Legends is the expected new arrival in 2023. It is an action strategy game that introduces a whole new way to view the Minecraft franchise that many know and love, and received numerous new announcements in Minecraft Live 2022.

Release window

The live event revealed that Minecraft Legends will be released in Spring 2023. While there’s no definite release date yet, at least fans know it’ll be on the way in early 2023.

Cinematic opening

The opening movie is what players see when they launch the game for the first time. It introduced a plethora of new mobs that we should look forward to.

Minecraft Legends First Look

Along with the unveiling of the Minecraft Legends Opening Cinematic was a first look at the detailed gameplay and explanation of which weapons players can use and how to use them. We explored what was announced in that first look in our Minecraft Legends first-look article.

Minecraft Dungeons


Despite much of the focus on Minecraft Legends and the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, Minecraft Dungeons got some exciting news and some upcoming content in the form of its third season adventure, Fauna Faire.

New Fauna Faire DLC

The Fauna Faire will mainly focus on pets and will introduce brand new animals to the game, from ferrets to hedgehogs to cute otters.

All rewards are focused on those pets, including capes, flairs, and emotes that you can use to pet your animals.

Tree Top Tangle Mission

Set in the jungle biome, this free mission allows you and your companions to explore the dangerous tree with all its mysteries.

Minecraft 1.20 Update

Walking in minecraftmojang

The main theme of the Minecraft 1.20 update is inclusiveness and enabling self-expression through representation. This update is the next big change in Minecraft and is one of the much-anticipated news from Minecraft Live 2022. Here’s everything they’ve announced so far.

Seven new default skins

Following on from their theme of inclusivity and representation, the 1.20 update introduces seven new default skins.

They all have different races, styles, genders and designs to make every player feel like part of the open world game.

New blocks

Along with new skins comes a number of brand new blocks for players to build on their journey, including:

  • Hanging Signs
  • Bamboo wooden set
  • Working bookshelves

The hanging signs can be placed in multiple ways and introduce a new way of displaying information.

The bamboo wood set brings a unique design style, all made of bamboo. For example, players can use bamboo wood to make rafts instead of boats to better match the bamboo theme.

Finally, the newly introduced Working Bookshelves. After some time, Minecraft has introduced bookshelves that you can place books in, including even enchanted books, so that players don’t have to worry about their inventory getting full.

New mobs

Aside from the typical Minecraft Live mob mood that players took part in, another creature was also announced for the 1.20 Minecraft update.

The two mobs coming to Minecraft in the next update are the Camel and the Sniffer.

The Camel is a rideable creature that can run and hold two players at a time. You can also breed and tame it.

The Sniffer is the fan-voted crowd that joins the game. It sticks its head in the ground and brings out brand new seeds to create flowers that are currently unseen in the game.

That was all that was announced in Minecraft Live 2022. For more details on the news and new announcements, visit our Minecraft hub, or check out some of these:

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