Everything in CoD Mobile Season 4 2022 Update: Modern Warfare Map, New Weapons, More

CoD Mobile Season 4 is next on the calendar with the usual mix of classic maps, weapons and much more expected to appear in the major update. From a release date to the first trailers, here’s everything there is to know about the next big patch.

There is absolutely no delay in 2022 for CoD Mobile† Following a monthly pattern, brand new seasons have arrived one after the other, giving players new reasons to jump back into it.

Most recently we saw Snoop Dogg take center stage in the Season 3: Radical Raid update, but the focus has already shifted to what’s to come.

CoD Mobile Season 4 is already teased with a massive amount of content set to shake up the handheld title. Below is a full rundown of everything we know about the content drop so far.


CoD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass

CoD Mobile Season 3 is barely a few weeks old and Season 4 is already starting to steal the spotlight.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Release Date

CoD Mobile Season 4 launches on thursday 28 april† This coincides with the end of the Season 3 Battle Pass, allowing the new update to roll through seamlessly.

While an exact time has yet to be confirmed, CoD Mobile updates usually arrive at 5:00 p.m. PT. So it’s a safe bet that Season 4 will follow suit, but we’ll keep you updated here if plans change along the way.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Trailers

The first official trailer for CoD Mobile Season 4 premiered on April 17. This short clip obscured some sort of war table and revealed multiple photos of a known location, more on that in the next section below.

“A storm is on the horizon and it includes a new season of CoD Mobile,” reads the YouTube description. †

Get ready for more in late April!”

CoD Mobile Season 4: New Maps

After appearing in a previous CoD Mobile test version, Satellite seems to be finally debuting in CoD Mobile. This Black Ops Cold War Map Isn’t Alone teased on social media but can also be seen clearly in the latest trailer.

Players will soon be dropped into the Namib desert in Angola to fight in this Cold War location as teams battle through a crash site of, you guessed it, a fallen satellite.

While Season 3 only featured one map in total, Season 4 seems to be gearing up for two new additions this time around as Khandar Hideout of Modern Warfare (2019) has also been teased

Khandar Hideout was launched during the second season of Modern Warfare and had a medium layout. Expect to see this design in all regular CoD Mobile playlists throughout Season 4.

CoD Mobile Season 4: New Weapons

Not unlike usual, brand new weapons are also on the way for CoD Mobile’s Season 4 update.

So far, we know for sure that at least one new weapon has been locked up.

CoD Mobile Koshka Sniper

The Koshka bolt-action Sniper is expected to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 4.

The Koshka Sniper from Black Ops 4 was first teased on April 11 with an image of the rifle buried under sand.

As a shooting action, you have devastating firepower at the ready, but you need to time each shot perfectly.

We’re still a long way from the CoD Mobile Season 4 update, so check back often as we’ll update you here with the latest details as they come out.

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